Nairobi County

August 2017 Nairobi county gubernatorial candidates Evans Kidero and Peter Kenneth on Sunday clashed at a church function in Ruai.

The two political leaders who shared the podium at the Anglican Church of Kenya in Ruai used their time on the microphone to challenge each others policies and political ambition.

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Mr. Kenneth began the exchange as he put forward his policies to church goers while criticizing the current Nairobi governor’s time in office. He also called out fellow party members eyeing the position to present their policies rather than attacking each other.

Peter Kenneth tore into Dr. Kidero saying Nairobi county deteriorated under his watch compared to the efforts made by the defunct city council.

The former Gatanga MP said Kidero did not deserve another term in office, putting the microphone to his rival to defend himself on why Nairobians should give him another chance.

”Show us your work and I will show you mine and the residents can choose who they want to empower to work for them,” said Mr. Kenneth.

”What we are competing for is who among us can deliver better services. Now if you walk in Nairobi, you will find garbage and blocked drainage. It takes you at least two hours to move from one place to another,” he explained.

In response, Governor Evans Kidero failed to talk policies or narrate his achievements but rather took cheap shots at the former Presidential aspirant.

”My friend I want you to be careful because at the rate at which you are going for smaller positions from the presidency to governor, you should be careful lest you contest for ward rep in the next election. However, let us meet in the field after you get the Jubilee nomination,” said Kidero.

”We understand that you went to Muranga and I don’t know what happened, but welcome to Nairobi. First, put your house in order before we start politics,” he added.

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Kidero was talking about the time in which Mr. Kenneth took to decide what county he wanted to vie for its highest position.

Kidero also alluded to the fact Mr. Kenneth was not guaranteed of a Jubilee ticket for the gubernatorial seat.

The two leaders at the end of the exchange urged for peaceful campaigns and elections as they asked the public to register as voters.