Nairobi Man Almost Dies While Trying To Enlarge His Manhood

In a quest to offer maximum sexual satisfaction to all the ladies he plays with, a Nairobi man placed his own life on the line as he tried to improve the size of his penis.

International journal of Surgery gazetted that an emergency and delicate surgery was carried out by specialist surgeons at the Kenyatta National Hospital for the life of a 26-year-old man, who chose extreme procedure to get his penis fatter, was carried out.

The man, confused and lost in some make-belief procedure, thought inserting an iron ring around the base of his manhood, would not only enlarge his penis, but also make him last longer as well as perform magically in bed.

However, the result he got was even worse as the half-a-centimeter thick ring got trapped in his manhood, causing him severe pain in his visibly swollen manhood, that he couldn’t pass urine through it.

The man (name withheld) took himself to the casualty ward of KNH after he tried to remove the trapped ring for more than ten hours. On arrival to the hospital, it was found that he bought a manhood enlargement kit – probably a scam or doubtful kit – among which was the ring.

His organ had already turned black and larger since the tight ring stuck blood in it, preventing it from flowing out as supposed.

The ring could not be hacked off very easily for its thickness, so the doctors opted to cut a section of his manhood and drain out blood  to enable them remove the tight ring.

As fatal as it sounds, doctors let out nearly 100 millilitres of blood which is already dark and clotted because of the long hours of being static in the manhood.

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The doctors took up to an hour of careful work before the ring was then successfully slipped out using a nylon tape.

The kit directed its users to place the ring around the base of the sexual organ for three hours every fortnight – an instructions doctors found senseless and dubious!

The doctors in the journal article also said the rings are used to make male erections last longer than usual by reducing blood flow out of the penis.

They further wrote:

The patient had been instructed to insert the penile ring then stimulate an erection for duration of three hours every two weeks.

This regime was supposed to increase the length and thickness of his penis.

The journal article does not reveal when the incident took place, but it appears to have been recent. The affected person gave consent for the issue to be published in the journal but without revealing his identity.

The case was considered worthy of note because it appears to be the first documented case of such penile rings being used to enlarge the manhood.

Doctors say most penile enlargement techniques often use free weights attached to the organ or by splitting and grafting the tough fibrous layer of connective tissue around the manhood.

They warned limiting the blood flow in and out of the manhood is risk because they can cause rapture of the penile tissues without necessarily enlarging the size of the manhood.

This case is bound to raise more concerns about the sale of unlicensed items and drugs that are marketed as effective in enhancing manhood. Some are sold as herbal concoctions that are “free of any side effects.”

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