Nairobi’s Flash Floods Show How Inventive Kenyans Can Be

Flash floods after heavy rainfalls in Nairobi on Thursday made it nearly beyond the bounds of possibility for people to get home from work.

Despite the heavy downpour experienced in most parts of the country, the water levels in the capital city were at an all time high with motorists and commuters suffering the impact the most.

As with most heavy rainfalls, the city was rowdy and it was worsened by the poor drainage system in Nairobi. While the rain got heavier, a handful of commuters became even more stranded at work, waiting hopefully that the rain would subside. Though the rain stopped later, the problems seemed only to have begun for commuters, as they now had a flash floods to deal with.

Many could be seen waiting as they try to invent a way to get to their different destinations. A wise man took advantage of the flood to create wealth, instead. The bright business-minded man collected 50 bob to carry people across the road. He made an average of $0.50 (£0.34) for each crossing.

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Nairobi residents turned furious at the fact that despite repeated promises by the authorities to fix the poor drainage, nothing appears to have been done to fix the problem. This frustration has been summarized in a humor by one of the cartoonists resident in the city. Check it out: A reporter didn’t let the scene slip and captured what a major road that leads out of the centre looked like:

Here Are More Pictures From Yesterday’s Floods Flash: Nairobi's-flood-flash-2





This isn’t the first time this kind of incident has occurred in Kenya’s capital city.  In 2015, flash floods hit Nairobi city and left a trail of damages with most city roads remaining impassable for days.

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Motorists were forced to spend hours on the road as the County government workers tried to clear and unblock the city drainage system.