Pro-Trump Retaliates, Creates Naked Hillary Clinton Sculpture

After naked Donald Trump’s sculpture surfaced online and on streets in the US, the supporters of the republican candidate, Donald trump whose protruded belly and his personal bits were displayed in a sculpture, decided to retaliate.

The supporters created a grotesque statue of naked Hillary Clinton’s portrait with the title, “The ugly sides of Hillary Clinton”.

They released the unflattering naked portraits, imagining what a naked Hillary might look like. The portraits suggest she would have sagging breasts, flabby tum tum, the far-less-than-pert buttocks, and not to mention the lady’s part.


One of the naked portraits has Hilary Clinton in all her ‘glory’  ‘romancing’ a bottle of alcohol. While one apparently was edited  from Trump’s naked statue to Hillary’s.


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The supporters of Donald Trump have earlier taken to social media to condemn the double standard at play with the way everyone seems to be laughing off the controversial naked Trump statues. They questioned if everyone would have found it funny if all those statues were that of Hillary Clinton.


The naked statues of Donald Trump were the brainchild of a group dubbed INDECLINE, who planted copies of the statue in busy parts of New York.

The “artists” behind the project titled their oeuvre “The Emperor Has No Balls.”

Four other life-size Donald Trump sculpture with hands folded over swollen belly also appeared in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Ohio the same day, according to social media posts.

However, New York’s department of parks and recreation were not happy with the sculpture and so had the one in Ne York park ripped from its base before using shovels to smash its feet and foam base to smithereens. Then they pried its metal platform from the ground.

In a statement, the creator of the sculpture said the reason is to ensure Trump “is never installed in the most powerful political and military position in the world.”