Severe Water Crisis In Nakulumei Village: Woman Begs For Just A Nip Of Water To Wet Her Throat

Every 15 seconds, somebody from Nakulumei village, Turkana County faces hardship, and those witnessing this unfolding don’t believe the government would bring relief.

This is because there have not been any remarkable demonstration of compassion in the area thus far.

Ekornop Lotieng is one of the hundreds of starving residents in the county fighting to survive in the dusty and flaming hot region.

The 65-year-old  now looks beyond 80 and it’s not as though he chose to appear so but nobody has tried to save him from undernourishment.

Lotieng sits tired out in his house compound at Nakulumei village, Turkana County with no help in sight.

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He hasn’t eaten for days and that, sends pangs of pains through his body. In fact, hunger pangs mixed with pain from losing all his livestock due to drought has kept him in a miserable static state. He can’t even walk to search for food or water; as a result, he has emaciated greatly.

According to him, his chances of surviving the hunger is getting narrower by the day to such extent he believes death might come around few days ahead.

“It will only take grace for our survival since we feed on remains. Children get sick after eating contaminated goat meat,” he wails.

A clear look at the village located near Kaaleng-Lokitaung road, suggests it’s a dead town. Apparently, stone pebbles are the only thing surviving the entire water crisis with deserted homes dotting the valley.

A heap of animal skins hang on the fences of some homestead and a small built shack can also be seen. Dogs and wild animals who come in search of food at night have some skins to feed on.

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The harrowing incidents of desperate families scrambling to survive makes it even worse.

Also disturbing is that many of the children are escaping only to find themselves in a different kind of danger as the whereabouts of many can’t be determined.

Who’s Affected?

Lotieng says his starving grandchildren left the area some months ago to unknown places because he could no longer cater for them.

He is not happy that drought killed almost all of the animals in the town.

In the face of the crisis, he remains keen about the future with the belief that a miracle of higher proportions than he ever hoped for could come some day. The only question is, when will that be?

Another resident who lives nearby says there is no more water in the water holes. There is no more pasture for animals to feed on and the trees are all dried up. The local added that they survive on one meal a day which is hardly handy.

And there’s more sombre news, a 70-year-old resident said he lacks water and food. She looks too weak to cater for herself and begs for at least a sip of water to lubricate her throat before they starve to death.

Ng’ichwae said they have become used to going to bed without food and water. She was grateful that they still find small wild berries to eat.

What Has The Government Done For Nakulumei village?

According to her, the government has done nothing other than spending billions of shillings allocated to the region on ghost projects.

“We have nowhere to go. We will starve to death in this village. Our animals which we depend on have been wiped out by drought. Pasture and water have depleted due to lack of rains.

The residents appeal to the government to come to their aid before they all get wiped.

Deputy President William Ruto promised that the government would provide relief food to starving residents for five months after his visit to the region last week.

The DP said they would initiate food security projects to ensure everybody gets food.

The government has mapped out Sh1.6 billion for emergency relief programmes and Ruto claimed that Sh1.1 billion will go to irrigation projects through National Irrigation Board (NIB).

Turkana, he said, would get Sh100 million for irrigation. “We will ensure nobody dies of hunger in this region. We want to initiate food security projects that will provide a permanent solution to hunger and drought in this region. We want to make Turkana a food basket,” Ruto said then.