Names And Pictures Of Some Students Who Died At Garissa University

Often times we concentrate on the “number” of people who were killed in the course of terror attack without paying much attention to the actual people who made up the number. Yes, it shouldn’t be just about statistics, but about the people who lost their lives to the horrendous terror attack. Of course, these victims are actual people who once lived like every other person, only to wake up in another world for being a Christian. Although at first, the terrorists shot randomly or indiscriminately at all the students, but at some point, they spared Muslims, while killing only the Christians. So both the Christians and Muslims make up the 147 lives that were taken on that very attack. Well, we all know that 147 isn’t just a number, but a number of lives taken unjustifiably. Yes, and all we hear time and time again is just the number of the victims without a close glance at who these people really are. Bear in mind that no matter how small or big the number is, a single life lost to terrorism is not just worth it.

The beautiful, innocent and young students of Garrissa university who fell prey to the evil wrath of the masked attackers. This really echoes in a loud wake-up call on the security gap in the country as a whole. Kenyans will keep mourning these victims who paid the price with their lives for nothing. For the past few days, there has been a campaign on social media to humanize the victims of last week’s Garissa University attack. We sympathize with the families of the victims and pray that the souls of these young blood will rest in the bosom of the almighty. As we continue to mourn and cry for these people, please, let us not leave here without typing Rip in the comment section below for their souls.

This is Angela Kimata one of the many victims that will never leave the minds of Kenyans anytime soon.


Here is Janet, a girl with the nicest heart ever.