ODM Party Defectors Expelled

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has expelled 10 elected officials, among them Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba and Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya.

The party’s National Governing Council unanimously agreed to expel the now former members from the party for publicly supporting other political outfits, including the newly-formed Jubilee Party.

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Namwamba had championed an exodus of western region MPs from ODM with Funyula MP Paul Otuoma over allegations of neglect and unfair treatment.

Otuoma has since returned to the party and taken back his national vice-chairperson position. Namwamba went on to join the Labour Party of Kenya where he was appointed party leader.

Other ODM party defectors expelled include Kisii County deputy governor Joash Maangi and Kwale Woman Representative Zainab Chidzuga, Sirisia MP John Waluke and Samuel Arama (Nakuru West).

Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura, Steven Kariuki (Mathare) and Masoud Mwahima (Likoni) also make up the list.

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The party, however, pardoned Governor Ukur Yatani and Igembe Central MP Kubai Iringo while giving other legislators who have been charged with associating with Jubilee time to defend themselves.

They include MPs Gideon Mung’aro (Kilifi North), Chachu Ganya (North Horr), Mustafa Idd (Kilifi South), James Rege (Karachuonyo) and Mpuru Aburi (Tigania East).

The names of the expelled party officials will now be removed from the ODM party register, subsequently declaring their seats vacant.

The party will then inform the Registrar of Political Parties, relevant Speakers and the electoral agency for official declaration of vacancy on their seats.

The Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ngung’u will have seven days to remove the names from the register upon receiving the party’s resolution.

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She explained:

“The first step for the party is to communicate its decision to the Registrar of Political Parties, IEBC and clerks of respective assemblies.

“According to the Political Amendment Act, within seven days they would be removed from the register. I would then communicate to the party and IEBC over their removal.”

IEBC will then proceed to set election dates once the seats of the ODM party defectors expelled are declared vacant.