Namwamba Gets Steamed Up, Warns Raila Against Brushing Luyha People Aside

Ababu Namwamba has warned Raila Odinga about trying to sway people to his side when he visits Budalangi during his Western Kenya tour.

Ababu said he would gladly welcome Railabut expects that in return, Raila would not try to steal the people’s affection.

The Budalangi Member of Parliament said the people had already resolved their political preferences and so there won’t be need for him to be slimy about that.

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He reminded Raila that the Luhya people have their destinies in their hands and even though “an army of a million people may be stopped, he could never stop an idea whose time had come

“The idea of the Mulembe consciousness has arrived and not even Raila coming to Western a million times will change that,” continued Namwamba.

The ex-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) secretary general Ababu Namwamba  added that even a million visits to Western Kenya would not stop the idea of the Mulembe revolution.

“As the member of parliament for Budalangi, I welcome Raila Odinga. He’s free to come but he’s coming too late. The last time he came there was nine years ago when he came to look for votes. Let him come, but let him come aware that the Western of yesterday is not the western of today,” Namwamba warns Raila.

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The parliamentarian was speaking at a press conference where he publicly confirmed his resignation from his ODM post yesterday, Thursday, July 14

In his speech, he said that his resignation was out of his free will and volition, adding that the message should go out there equivocally without any provocation.

He noted that as he relinquished the position of ODM secretary general,  he felt free, light and ready for his next course on his political journey. He also said that his destiny is now firmly rooted in his own hands and that of his people.

ODM had replaced Ababu with Secretary General Agnes Zan on Thursday, July 14, at a National Executive Council meeting at ODM headquarters.

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The party had also given Namwamba 7 days to formally notify the party on his resignation.

Namwamba announced his resignation as Secretary General but is yet to hand in official resignation letter to the party.

They told Namwamba to officially communicate his resignation in writing instead of announcing it on media.