Voter Turnout

The National Super Alliance has launched a scathing attack on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, saying that its reported voter turnout was false and that it helped Jubilee Party rig the elections.

The opposition coalition dismissed the reported 38% voter turnout, alleging that less than 3.5 million Kenyans came out to vote in the repeat October 26 election.

They also said the commission conducted the repeat poll in a more fraudulent manner than the August 8, General Elections.

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NASA then accused the ruling party of massively rigging the elections, terming it as ‘pseudo-elections’.

They claim that IEBC discarded 3.5 million votes shown by KIEMS opting for manual tallying, which gave way for them to doctor forms and figures and in that case, adding 5 million manually to the 3.5 million tallied votes.

“There is so little national support for Uhuru now that even as the sole candidate, he needed massive rigging to hide the fact that an abysmally low number of Kenyans turned out to vote – a total of 3.5 million or less than 20 percent of registered voters,” said NASA’s statement.

“In manual tallying one can of course doctor the forms and the figures. In this case, IEBC added 5 million manually tallied votes to the 2.5 million recorded by KIEMS! That is how Uhuru Kenyatta got 7.5 million votes.”

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The statement further commended envoys who did not attend the declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta at BOMAS of Kenya.

It said that their absence showed commitment on their part to be true friends of Kenyans, rather than that of an illegitimate government.

“They have no doubt been chastened and embarrassed by the grossly criminal behavior of a government they supported and even intimidated the Supreme Court justices into staying away from hearing the case on the legality of this election last Wednesday,” read the statement.

NASA maintained that they want a new, credible election, saying they will go back to campaigning, which will be strategized on unprecedented civil resistance, non-cooperation and economic boycotts hoping to end decades of crimes.