NASA Economic Boycott

Opposition MPs have listed a number of companies in which it has asked its supporters to shun in the NASA economic boycott.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi on Friday, the leaders which form part of the resistance movement wore white T-shirts with clenched fists on them. They asked supporters to avoid products and services by Safaricom, Ilara, Brookside and Bidco.

They said the main goal of the NASA economic boycott is “to bring the institutions to their knees”.

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They called for all their supporters to join the boycott to spread quickly across the country as a grand show of opposition to the ruling Jubilee administration.

Homa Bay woman representative Gladys Wanga specifically called on NASA supporters to migrate from Safaricom by Friday next week.

“Safaricom is holding the blood of our people in its hands. It stood in the way of democracy during the election,” she said.

The woman rep further said the companies provide goods and services used to abuse the rights of Kenyans and cause deaths.

“Their goods, services and market proceeds are used to support people who have the blood of Kenyans on their hands.”

“Safaricom’s conspiracy to defeat the will of Kenyans in the 2017 election has been widely canvassed,” she added.

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This call of action follows Raila Odinga’s announcement that the National Super Alliance had changed into a national resistance movement.

He threatened to call a boycott of products from corporations he claimed were part of the August election rigging scheme.

The Opposition leader said they “will not allow Kenya to be the playground to forces who want to stifle the country’s progress”.

“Big corporations are part and parcel of killing democracy in Kenya. We have the power and if they want to stifle our democracy, we can retaliate,” he said.