Investigate Crimes Against Humanity – NASA To International Criminal Court

The National Super Alliance has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate the Kenyan government.

Raila Odinga’s adviser, Salim Lone, made this known on Wednesday in a statement sent to media houses saying that the Kenyan government committed “crimes against humanity”.

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It wants the International Criminal Court as well as other international protection organizations to begin collecting evidence which will identify atrocities that should be treated as “international crimes.”

According to NASA, the Jubilee government, which is illegitimate and undemocratic, has embarked on a mission to intimidate opposition supporters into accepting the regime, through mass killings committed by the police force.

Some of the incidences NASA cited as crimes against humanity are the alleged killing of five people by the police during the chaos that erupted when Mr. Odinga arrived Kenya from a trip to the US.

The other is the violence experienced after the Supreme Court upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win in the October 26 repeat election.

“So on a day when there would have been cause for caroling and celebration throughout the land – had a legitimate presidency been born – we were hearing heart-rending reports of brutality and death being wreaked on unarmed civilians who are protesting an illegitimate ruler,” read the statement.

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The opposition is further calling for the devolution of internal security to the counties, as a way of ending once and for all what they term as “the deeply ingrained history of violence and intimidation against resource-rich and marginalized communities.”

It says the devolution would tackle insecurity in the country and then create a safe and stable environment for growth and development.