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One key witness to the National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential election petition has told the press that he fears for his life.

Moses Wamuru, the ODM chairman in Embu County said unknown people have been trailing him ever since he recorded a statement and swore an affidavit on the alleged election irregularities.

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“I do not feel secure. In the last three days, I have noticed people trailing me. I have been receiving information from very close friends in places that I frequent. I have visited several entertainment joints and people have told me I am not safe there,” said Mr. Wamuru.

Mr. Wamuru who also served as the NASA county coordinator in the August 8 General Elections said his fellow party agents were being summoned to the local Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission offices to amend Forms 34A. A move in which he thinks is used to rig the election.

He said he was being intimidated due to his stance and bravery in reporting what the IEBC are doing.

“I am not cowed… any amount of intimidation cannot change what has been written. Those who feel aggrieved by my revealing of the truth must wait to prove their innocence in a court of law.”

He said Nasa agents were being harassed and frustrated on voting day and thus did not witness most of the voting and vote tallying process.

“We didn’t witness voting in various stations since many of the agents were chased away,” he claimed.

On whether NASA agents signed result forms, Wamuru said they could not have since they were not present.

“Many of our agents are calling me and saying they have been called by various returning officers to go and help them sign forms 34A. Any form being signed now is suspicious because the work of agents ended on the Election Day.”

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Mr. Wamuru cited Ngurueri polling station in Kianjokoma, Karurumo polling center, and Kiangungi polling station as locations where irregularities occurred.

Embu County IEBC coordinator Dan Lenarum has, however, denied that his office summoned NASA agents to sign any papers.

He said they were only in contact with presiding officers who would be part of IEBC’s presidential election petition defense team.

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