Joseph Boinett

Security agents have cordoned off roads around the Supreme Court for controlled movement as the courts hear NASA presidential petition.

Officers have also been deployed to guard the premises with prepared special badges that will be used to access the court premises issued to judges and lawyers involved in the petition.

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Judiciary Chief Registrar Anne Amadi said on Friday that all precautions taken was done to avoid unnecessary interruptions. She added that the badges were also done due to the limited space available in the court.

“The court room is so small. It takes a maximum of about 60 people and we already have about 34 lawyers who will be participating,” she said.

“We have strictly recommended that anyone without a special badge should not access the premises.”

Amadi said that more than 200 local and international media houses will cover the hearings.

“This case has attracted a lot of attention, and many media houses had applied for accreditation, but we limited the number to 200 considering the space available.”

The Law Society of Kenya and the Office of the Attorney General have, meanwhile, made applications to participate in the NASA Presidential Petition as friends of the court.

LSK president Isaac Okero said they have significant expertise on constitutional and electoral laws which are relevant to the petition. He also noted that the petition is of public interest.

“We will address fundamental doctrines of representative governance and assist in the interpretation and application of relevant constitutional principles used in Kenya jurisprudence and cooperative foreign law.”

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Meanwhile, the police have rejected a request from NASA to hold prayers for the presidential petition outside the Supreme Court on Sunday.

“Please note that I will not allow any person to disrupt the court proceedings hence the request by NASA rejected,” said Mr. Koome.

NASA, however, rejected the Police Commander’s statement saying he has no power to approve or reject public gatherings.

“As a Party and NASA coalition, we shall be faithful to the law but defy illegal edicts.”

They noted that the Sunday prayer meeting is on a universally recognized day of worship.