Abduba Dida Pledges Support For NASA, Promises Opposition Victory

Alliance for Real Change presidential candidate Mohammed Abduba Dida has pledged his support for NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

He says the ODM chieftain will deal President Uhuru Kenyatta a humiliating defeat if the polls will be conducted in a free, fair and credible manner.

Dida, who on Sunday made his support for the opposition coalition known, had in the past claimed that both Uhuru and Raila tried to rig the election. He went as far as advising the IEBC to declare him or Third Way Alliance Candidate Ekuru Aukot as the winner.

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Dida’s recent statements come after the Supreme Court nullified Uhuru’s re-election on Friday and ordered the IEBC to conduct a fresh one within 60 days.

“From Uhuru Kenyatta’s reactions after the Supreme Court ruling, even a class one kid will tell you that Raila Odinga will win the election in November if the election is free and fair,” he said.

“Uhuru knows very well that he is a one-term president. I will not contest, I’ll support Raila Odinga, he means well for this great nation,” added Abduba Dida.

Uhuru on Saturday questioned the grounds in which the Supreme Court used in determining his nullification.

The Jubilee Party leader along with his deputy, William Ruto, expressed their frustrations with the courts as they posed questions to the public.

“Even if you are so stupid, ask yourself something: The people elected MCAs, results were transmitted, and no one asked questions. Those of MPs and Senators were transmitted, and no one asked questions and they have been sworn in.”

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“Those of governors were transmitted, no one asked questions. Now, how do four people wake up and say there was a technicality in the transmission of the results of the President only? How?” asked Uhuru.

Uhuru, however, added that even though he personally strongly disagrees with the ruling, he will respect it and abide by the law.