Dennis Galava

Dennis Galava, former managing editor (ME) of Nation Media Group and team head of special projects, has been issued a sack letter after he was brought before the company’s disciplinary committee on Monday for writing an editorial critical of the president.

The Editor, on Wednesday, was handed a letter demanding his immediate step down from office for an article which, in the words of the writer, only called on the president Uhuru Kenyatta to finally start paying attention to the people of Kenya.

The article in question viewed Jubilee government’s three years in power as a failure and called the President to “hold strongly onto uprightness and nationhood this year.”

After a series of investigations, the committee decided to serve him the level of punishment in line with offences committed against the company.

However Editor-in-Chief Tom Mshindi revealed that Galava was punished for the manner in which the editorial was handled and not for the views the editorial expressed.

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The disciplinary committee found him guilty of contradicting the company’s editorial processes and procedures and of sheer lawlessness.

The company said Galava had overlooked the method which required elaborate consultation before such an editorial could be published.

In response to the stipulated procedure which he was accused of breaching, Dennis Galava told Standard that he had published dozens of critical editorials at the company and the procedures cited in his dismissal letter never applied. He further stated that he understands quite well the company’s editorial policies and procedures and that they have no such provision.

Prior to receiving a sack letter, Mr Galava had been on suspension for penning the editorial, which was published in the January 2 issue of the Saturday Nation headlined “Mr President, get your act together this year.”

The suspension came five days after he had written the article. Ever since he was suspended, he stopped being the head of investigations and special projects at the paper. And on Jan. 20th he was officially issue a dismissal letter, effective immediately.

Offended by the dismissal, the 41-year-old journalist is filing a lawsuit against his previous employer for wrongful termination, reports say.

Quoting  Galava

I believe the editor-in-chief abdicated his professional duties and chose to suspend and sack me to please the powers that be politically and financially.