Police Arrest Two National Registration Bureau Employees For Selling Identity Cards To Immigrants

Two employees of the National Registration Bureau have been arrested by Police in a sting operation on the illegal acquisition of Kenyan documents by immigrants.

The employees, identified as Linet Omare Nyaboke and Joyce Kwamboka Mokua, were arrested in Eastleigh and Dadaab respectively. Also arrested were 16 foreigners of which 13 were Somali refugees.

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Police say the two National Registration Bureau staff were selling the documents including identity cards to the foreigners backing the claim of terror suspects fraudulently owning Kenyan documents.

Officials launched operations to identify persons connected with providing immigrants and refugees with illegal document.

On Linet Omare Nyaboke, who works at the National Registration Bureau headquarters, NSSF building in Nairobi, Police said she was arrested on November 27. Her arrest led to the arrest of the 16 foreigners.

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A search also revealed government documents, alien cards, money, passport photos and biographic details of aliens who had sought her services.

Document fraud, abuse of office and facilitating terrorism charges are to be filed against Nyaboke. The aliens arrested alongside Nyaboke will also be charged with being in the country illegally and await deportation.

The police also revealed that the Nyaboke operation led to the arrest of another National Registration Bureau staff in Dadaab who will also be presented in court.

“These arrests are a clear sign that those who will provide facilitation to terrorists will face the full force of the law,” said a police officer.

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He went on to add that some of those who get documents fraudulently are terrorists who later turn against Kenyans in attacks. They cited two cases in which some of those who had obtained the documents were involved in terror activities.

There have been two reported cases in which people who had obtained documents fraudulently were involved in terror activities.