National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Chairman Francis Ole Kaparo has condemned Kiambu County’s decision to force industries and institutions to employ locals.

Kiambu MCAs last week unanimously agreed to a motion seeking to compel institutions and businesses based in the county to have at least 70% of their employees drawn from the dominant community.

A failure to do so would lead to the permits and licenses of the businesses and institutions to be revoked.

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Mr. Kaparo, speaking during a press conference held on Tuesday, termed the motion by the MCAs as contravening the constitution. He then asked the MCAs to call it off immediately.

“We condemn the motion as the National Cohesion and Integration Commission. The commission calls on county assembly to legislate laws that uplift its people,” he said.

He further added that the motion, if passed, would create a danger to Kiambu’s neighbors. He insisted that there should be representation in recruits.

“It is foolish for a leader in any county to imagine residents of that county live only in that county. Kenyans live everywhere and are entitled to do so. We urge Kenyans to participate in activities that participate in national healing,” added the former Speaker.

“As a commission, we agitate for more progressive legislation contained in the national cohesion and integration act. It’s not morally right, it’s unacceptable. County government should bring Kenyans together and provide an equal chance of employment,” said Kaparo.

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He called the whole process behind the decision by Kiambu county MCAs to propose the motion as a sign or recklessness.

Kaparo further said that leaders have a mandate of bringing the country back following the recent political activities in the country but Kiambu MCAs are failing to do so.