New FKF President Emerges As Sam Nyamweya Bows Out

Following Sam Nyamweya’s withdrawal from FKF chairmanship race on Wednesday to focus on business and family, Football Kenya Federation elected a new President after him.

FKF has just elected Kariobangi Sharks chairman Nick Mwendwa as the new president of Kenya football governing body FKF.

Mwendwa, won after he gathered 50 votes out of 77.

Kenyan Premier League chairman Ambrose Rachier came second with 27 votes. He accepted defeat and said he will work with Mwendwa.

Sam stepped down, explaining that he wants to answer the calls for undivided attention which he has received from his business and his family, especially his sick daughter. But he noted he will ensure The FKF witnesses a smooth transition despite his absence.

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In a speech issued on Wednesday after withdrawing from the federation’s national elections taking place at the Indoor Arena of Safaricom Stadium Kasarani in Nairobi, Sam Nyamweya said:

I have done a lot for Kenyan football despite the many problems I faced during my tenure as the President. I want to urge the delegates to elect people with the game at heart and also ask for a smooth transition.

Through deep personal reflection, consultation with my family, friends and stakeholders of the beautiful game have led me to making this decision to focus on serving my country in other capacities yet I will be available to offer my support and advise to those that I will be handing over the mantle to.

My family needs me now, more than ever, especially my daughter, who is bravely battling a medical condition and my businesses demand for my greater attention than before.

Nyamweya further said:

Today, you the delegates of this esteemed General Meeting, have the chance to make choices on who becomes the president of Football Kenya Federation and those to serve with him in the Executive Committee. I urge you to see this as a privilege and not as an undeniable right that is so often so easily taken for granted.

He stated he will use his exit as an opportunity to improve Kenyan football and tells FKF to seek his help anytime they want to as he gives chance to new people who are more fit and enthusiastic to carry on.

I have made this decision out of love for the game, the passion and appreciation that no good leader should be pushed to give up power and that; while I may still possess the energy and drive to lead FKF, there may be others with fresh vigour and charisma to take over and my input would be much more relevant in alternative spheres of service.

Nyamweya, who has been at the centre of controversy, begs that the position be assigned to committed men and women as there are so much work to be done in FKF

Those you elect today must be women and men, who are dedicated and committed to defining the FKF vision; with the ability to draw on the tried-and-tested experience and hold onto what works, while introducing new thinking and approaches where feasible so that we stop what is not working.

I advise that we go for those that promise less and deliver more because if we keep our vision simple yet goal focused – then we will have turned defining our vision into a stepping-stone, one which we will use to reach even greater heights.