National Security Advisor: Trump’s Flynn Replacement Pick Rejects Offer

Donald Trump’s pick to replace Mike Flynn as U.S. National Security Advisor has dramatically rejected the offer.

Vice-Admiral Robert Harward said his decision to reject the offer as the new National Security Advisor was for “personal reasons,” dealing the White House a huge blow.

Flynn resigned on Monday after revelations that he had discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Trump took office.

Trump’s administration has faced series of challenges which include this recent resignation of the former National Security Advisor which President Trump has called for the investigation of his alleged Russian Links.

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Reports have it that the refusal of Harward was on the basis of the call to duty and dysfunctionality.

According to the reports, Harward’s refusal was as a result of Trump’s refusal for him to bring in his own staff to the National Security Council, following suggestions that Mr. Flynn’s deputy KT McFarland, a former Fox News pundit, was asked to remain.

natVice-Admiral Robert S. Harward

President Trump is said to be in a state of crisis as there are so many issues facing the White House at the moment especially getting his cabinet approved.

An undisclosed source told the press that President Trump has asked Robert Harward to return to the White House for another meeting in a bid to convince him to take the offer.

However, it has always been a tradition in the White House for the National Security Advisor to pick their own team but Harward’s concern, in this case, is that many of Flynn’s deputies have been told they will keep their jobs despite the disgraced general’s departure amid Russia links allegation.

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Speaking on Thursday, President Trump denied statements saying his administration had not yet found its stride.

”It’s ‘running like a fine-tuned machine,’ he claimed, ‘despite the fact that I cannot get my cabinet approved.”

But critics have capitalized on Vice-Admiral Harward’s refusal to replace Mr. Flynn as a vote of no confidence in President Trump amid uncertainty about his positions on key issues including the Syrian war, the Ukraine conflict and Russia.

Losing his National Security Advisor so soon after taking office was an embarrassment for the new Republican president, who has made National Security a top priority.

image1Vice-Admiral Robert S. Harward

Vice-Admiral Robert Harward has served in the US military for 40 years. Before his retirement in 2013, he served as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command under General James Mattis, who is now the U.S. Defence Secretary, and served on the NSC under President George W. Bush and commissioned the National Counter Terrorism Center.

Vice-Admiral Harward is now the CEO for arms firm Lockheed Martin, which is locked in negotiations with the Trump administration over the cost of its F-35 fighter jet.

Two other possible contenders having possibilities to take the role as Trump’s National Security Advisor are acting-National Security Advisor Keith Kellogg and Retired General David Petraeus.