Drama As Njoroge Kariuki Claims William Ole Ntimama Brought Him Into The World

The high court, on Friday, heard the case filed by a 60-year-old man who claims to be late cabinet minister William Ole Ntimama’s son, arguing that the burial of the dead should be postponed until his claim is established.

George Kariuki Njoroge Aka George Kariuki Ntimama, claimed that his mother Rebecca Ngibia Wanjiku who is also late had an affair with the dead in 1956 to which the result is him.

Stating how the relationship failed, Kariuki added that Ntimama and his mother separated when she was pregnant with him.

Njoroge, in his affidavit, demanded that the court give him the permission to take out a tissue specimen from the dead man’s body for a DNA test that will confirm his claims.

Speaking to the court, Kariuki said he has been oblivious to who his father was until 1998 when his mother confessed to him.

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“I was very curious to know who my father was because people kept on telling me that i resembled Ntimama who i only used to see on television,” he said.

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Revealing chronologically how the whole claim began, Njoroge said he is not decided on whether to attend “his father’s burial” for he is not certain how his extended family will receive him.

He said he kept it to himself because of the drama that might have emerged from Ntimama’s immediate family members. He asked the court to rule in his favor so he does not lose his birthrights.

Going on, Njoroge asked the court to issue temporary injunctions stopping Kilimani local chief from issuing a burial permit and Lee funeral home from releasing the body of the former Cabinet minister for the burial taking place today Saturday, 10 September.

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High Court judge Joseph Onguto, however, ruled that the DNA tests were not urgent enough to make the burial not to hold.

The judge said the test could have been taken in the past one year, given that the lawyer insisted that the two had been in touch only that George Karanja had not been introduced to the family.

On that note, the burial will take place as planned based on court verdict.

But the case was adjourned to October 25.

Ntimama died last Thursday night in his sleep at his Melili home in Narok county.