Court Slams Nkaissery Over Threats To Detain Hassan Joho

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery said he would seize Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho by midday if the governor fails to return his guns to the government. He, on Tuesday, told the senate committee that the governor can not appeal without first bringing in his guns. 

The CS cited the provision of firearm laws, which says that firearms belonging to any person must be returned within 14 days after it has been revoked.

According to Cabinet Secretary;

“By 2pm I will have arrested the Governor and he will be in jail. The law is very clear on the mandate I was given.”

“Go tell Joho the general has said he should bring his guns by lunch time.”

Nkaissery says the order remains valid and that even if Joho will be considered, he would have to surrender the guns first.

Joho had appealed to Nkaissery against the surrender of his firearms, describing the order as being a political aim at him. Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale also begged the CS to suspend the punishment as the issue has turned into a combination of both public and political opinions.

However, Nkaissery replied Senator Bonny to advise Mombasa governor to obediently surrender his gun as the authority meant what it had directed.

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Nkaissery said government didn’t find the governor worthy of having a gun for now, since he seems not to be able to control his animal nature. According to the CS, this can affect the way he might handle the firearms in his custody.  He added that Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu is not in possession of any gun as the same order was also valid for him.

Nkaissery stated:

“I want to save Mp waititu and Governor Joho. from shooting each other. They have shown that they have the potential to gun down each other if allowed”

Following the arrest threats, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka have said they will both go to the police station, where their ally Governor Joho will be detained for the firearms issue, and get him out.

Speaking at IEBC offices on Tuesday, Raila said Nkaissery is playing with fire, and should be ready at the wrestling match he has called for, since he has chosen to be overdaring. He added that he had warned the CS to take some matters lightly, but that the CS has simply ignored the warning.

He added that the right to own firearms is provided in the constitution and that the constitution still stands. He also questioned whether the CS was planning to work as a dictator.

Kalonzo, who serves as Wiper party leader, warned Nkaissery not to try taking one of their own into custody. Joho also asserted that Nkaissery cannot intimidate him, insisting that he will definitely fight for his right.

Nairobi’s High Court stopped the arrest and arraignment of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. The court also reinstated his firearms licences. The order by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaiserry to cancel the firearms licence of Governor Joho was suspended by Justice George Odunga last evening pending determination of the application before the court.

The Justice George described Nkaiserry’s orders as being illegitimate and beyond the limit of his power.