Athletics Ban: President Uhuru Discuss The Flaws Of Anti-Doping Law

President Uhuru Kenyatta is as of yet chairing a crisis meeting with top sports officials as the country faces athletics ban, having reportedly breached the global anti-doping rules.

The government’s official Twitter account says:

The Sports Minister, Hassan Wario had also revealed that Wada had now sent him a letter highlighting areas of the legislation they “want re-written or rectified for Kenya to regain full compliance ASAP.”

Adding that:

“As soon as parliament reviews those highlighted bits of the legislation we are fully compliant. No ban was mentioned in the body of the letter.”

On Thursday the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) declared the country “non-compliant” for loopholes in anti-doping law. It states that the body’s Compliance Review Committee unanimously suggested that Kenya should be declared non-compliant with immediate effect, as her Anti Doping legislation passed by Parliament does not align with WADA code.

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This shocking move suggests that some of the world’s top athletes might miss August’s Olympic Games in Rio. The development stirred fear among Kenya’s top athletes who are eager to participate at the Olympics due to take place in August as they await the decision of International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF).

Athletics Ban

Olympic and three-time world champion Asbel Kiprop took to his official Facebook to word his state of mind. His update reads:

“Somebody tell whoever is concerned regarding doping issues that Kenya has talents hardworking and athletes by nature.

“We don’t need some stupid bans in the name of a few dopers. We are the real human nature with talents in conjunction with hard work. Respect this transparent truth and help us in a way to stop the intruders who are fighting not only to win races against us but to finish the real hard work talent and nature in us.

He added:

“In this case you will save the sport. Do not demoralize, do not kill a dream. For the sake of true and real ones spare God given talents for us.”

World javelin champion Julius Yego also wrote that it is worrying and painful to remember the sacrifice, perseverance and dedication put towards achieving the success and ultimate goal and suddenly get in against you in any sport. Julius add that he loves and respects the rule/code of sport. According to Yego, Kenya will be declared non-compliant and not that Kenyan athletes have been winning through performance enhancing drugs.

In February, Kenya missed a deadline to endorse the law that would establish a new national anti-doping agency to enable more testing  – but this was mitigated last month, when President Uhuru Kenyatta later passed a new anti-doping law on April 22. Kenyans thought the law would allow the the country’s athletics to be accepted by WADA, but it obviously did not satisfy WADA’s compliance committee.