I Am Not An Agent For Mt Kenya, I Am Qualified To Be President – Musalia Mudavadi

Musalia Mudavadi has lambasted the assertions that he is being used a lot more frequently by Mt Kenya people to gain a win for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2017 general election.

In a statement at Kabiro grounds in Kawangware, Nairobi, during his party’s launch of a voter registration exercise on Monday, Musalia Mudavadi made known his stance about the claims.

Musalia Mudavadi

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The Amani leader railed at this notion, and revealed he is not afraid of his own shadow, and neither is he a timid candidate for the presidential race, and so cannot be used as an object to instill Urhuru’s win. Musalia further explained he never took the race for a joke, and will continue with his seriousness in vying for the seat.

In the words of Musalia Mudavadi

All these politicians – Raila Odinga, his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, former President Daniel Moi and Martin Shikuku – at one time supported and backed a candidate from Mt Kenya, so they should stop labeling me a project.

The former Deputy Prime Minister and Vice President also hinted that he is a worthy candidate and will contest for the  seat with candidates who have run and even won more than once.

He also questioned why he is being called an agent who works to bring a boost that will earn Uhuru the seat of presidency just for standing the second time when others have trod the same path even more than him. He made reference to president Uhuru and Raila, saying;

The other candidates have vied more than once, including Uhuru who won after standing for the second time. Raila Odinga has vied three times.

How come when Mudavadi performs his constitutional right of vying for the second time he is branded a project?

Mudavadi further said his journey to State House has begun with getting his supporters to register as voters turn up in large numbers for next year’s August poll.

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Urging the people from Luhyas living in Nairobi to contest for elective posts, Musalia Mudavadi discouraged travel upcountry saying it will strip many the chance to vote, affecting his numbers.