Now That Jared Otieno Is Taken, We Expect These 6 Rich Dudes To Follow Suit

After Jared Otieno a 27-year-old rich man and one of the youngest moguls in the country got married, spending millions that got all of us echo a collective wow, we think it would be nice to remind several other young moneyed men in Kenya the need to say ‘I do’ as well. The flashy tycoon has really shown a good example by leading the way where others are hesitant to tread reminding other rich men like him who at some point in their lives forgot marriage is still in existence  that marriage is forever a beautiful experience to have. Here are 6 of those kind of rich young men who Jared has challenged with his recent action and who should start thinking of getting hitched right away.

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Steven Kariuki


Steven Kariuki of ODM is the MP-elect for Mathare constituency. The exuberant Mathare MP is mentioned on the list for not officially having a lady of his own. He is rich and made so what the hell is he waiting for to make a woman his own forever? Well, we just can’t wait to have view of the woman in question when the time finally creeps in.

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James Wanjohi


This young man is exceedingly wealthy. He is  one of the small number of Nairobians who can’t wait to depose flamboyant Mike Sonko from power as the Nairobi Senator. We only hope he gets hitched before the next election beacons. I am only wondering who his lucky lady might be.  But let’s keep calm and watch inauguration ceremony after the next election…that’s if he finally unseats Mike Sonko.

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Steve Mbogo


Here is another rich young Kenyan who needs to start thinking in the way of marriage. 28-year-old Steve Mbogo is known as one of the wealthiest young people in the country. He owns a company that makes Ksh 13,000 million in revenues. His company; Capital Flow Enterprises operates in 4 continents with offices spread across more than 73 countries. He also owns twelve 4-star Hotels across Kenya, thirty-two apartment blocks in Nairobi, two insurance companies in Uganda, six nightclubs in Nakuru, Kisumu and Nairobi, and a flight training academy in Wilson Airport, Nairobi. Plus he jointly owns and manages two law firms and three stock brokerage companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. But what is he waiting for to tie the knot considering all these achievements? Please Steve let the next wedding bell  ring in you and your spouse the next time we hear one.  After all jared Otieno who recently set the trend is your close friend.

Babu Owino


The Champagne socialist and ambitious young man is widely known squander and lives nothing short of a flamboyant lifestyle. In fact he would undeniably do anything to draw the attention of the masses including spending outrageous amount for his campaign. He loves to flex his financial muscle in every single opportunity he gets. Sometime in the past, he was caught on camera  dishing out Kshs 1000 to students in one of Nairobi University’s campuses who declared they were supporting him in the university elections. But what is he waiting to get hitched or are there no more ladies out there for him? Anyway we think he should start making plans because comrades need a “mother”.



Conceivably the richest and most philanthropic musician in Kenya, Jaguar is yet to walk a woman to the aisle. Of course his clips are among the most viewed clips in Kenyan, so his wedding is sure going to get millions of views. But when are we going to catch sight of this long awaiting wedding ceremony? Jaguar no doubt has consistently entertained and inspired his fans through his motivational lyrics and undoubtedly philanthropic gestures, and needs to decorate his success with a woman. Your fans are kind of tired of seeing you alone..mingle Asap

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Brian Weke


Brian is arguably the most nice-looking politician in Kenya. Speaking of financial ability, though he had a very humble beginning, he is now very loaded, and rich. But why is he yet to be trapped or could it be that he is looking for that one person who would literally fall from heaven? Well he knows his fans are waiting to see the woman he is going to end up walking the aisle with so he is probably looking out for that outstanding person. But please Brain make it snappy our eyes are already itching for those wedding photos when is it ever going to surface?