Road Accidents

The Kenyan government, through the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), has released a list of measures motorists are to abide by in order to tame the increased number of road accidents.

Kenya has so far this month lost 180 people, that is at least ten people every day, to road accidents. It is the deadliest month ever recorded for road accidents in the country.

The causes of the accidents/deaths have been revealed to be as a result of overspeeding, lane indiscipline, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Other reasons are poor overtaking, the presence of other users, obstacles and animals on the roads.

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Below are some of the measures revealed.

  1. The government has mapped out risky areas in the country which include the Northern Corridor, Nairobi-Thika-Sagana highway, Mai Mahiu-Narok-Kisii highway and Kericho-Kisumu-Kisii-Ahero highway. The police and NTSA will enhance surveillance and enforcement of traffic rules for these areas.
  2. The police will crack down on all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) owners, Saccos and companies whose vehicles are unroadworthy.
  3. The police will crack down on PSVs and vehicles operating at night illegally Owners and drivers of the vehicles will be prosecuted.
  4. NTSA will create a database for all of all PSVs and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  5. Drivers who commit traffic offenses will be blacklisted.
  6. Employers will be required to check driver history before employment
  7. Licenses for PSVs allowed to operate at night will be reviewed and those who flout traffic rules will be banned.
  8. NTSA will categorize all PSVs based on their road safety records. SACCOs with poor records will be deregistered.
  9. NTSA will tow away all vehicles which stall on roads for more than one hour.
  10. PSV and heavy commercial vehicle drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol will have their licenses revoked.
  11. All drivers who speed and cause death by dangerous driving will have their licenses revoked and face the death sentence for murder.