In Photos: Nyeri Governor Caught On Camera Wearing Two Trousers To Public Event

Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua was seen wearing two trousers over the weekend. People caught the sight when Mr Gachagua got seated during a function to launch several development projects in his county.

At first, it looked like a white garment that stuck out conspicuously under his blue trousers. However looking closer, it clearly was another trousers inside the one on the outside. The sight drew several eyes and as you would imagine, a thoughtful person decided to catch the image on camera.

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The photos of the Nyeri Governor were published online and it widely made rounds, stirring mixed reactions across social media platforms with a majority making fun of the scenario.

Nyeri Governor Wears '2 Trousers' to Public Meeting

The reason behind Gachagua’s dressing is not clear even though the Governor has been known to have health challenges. Many have opined that the white garment was hospital dress given to sick people.

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Also, it could be that the governor was donning a men’s thermal underwear that is usually worn during cold seasons.

Well, Have A Glance Of  Some Facebook Reactions:

Nyeri Governor Wears 2 Trousers to Public Meeting

Nyeri Governor Wears 2 Trousers to Public Meeting

Early this year, anxiety emerged among Nyeri residents after Mr Gachagua remained out of the limelight for about two months. It was later alleged that he had traveled abroad for a medical check-up.

But that didn’t end the speculations. His family even asked the public and the media to stop prying into the governor’s health condition.

Rigathi Gachagua, the governor’s brother, said the media and the public should leave the family alone as the governor’s health was a private matter.

“We will not give any information or confirmation of the governor’s health because his life and medical condition are a private matter. The county government is still running and all the development projects are on course. The governor’s presence or absence is no longer an issue for discussion or concern,” he said.