NYS Recruits Injured In Stampede After Explosion In Gilgil

A good number of National Youth Services NYS recruits amounting to hundred have been wounded in a stampede that occurred at their training college in Gilgil.

The stampede began when an explosion went off on Monday, January 25 during their morning parade, sounding like a terror attack. It was later discovered that the explosion was as a result of a transformer explosion. However, by this time, the terror scare has already gotten about 108 recruits injured.

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The recruits who got impaired were rushed to the Gilgil Sub-County hospital afterwards for treatment while some were transferred to Nakuru later.

According to what Catherine Gitau, the sub-county hospital’s medical superintendent, told Daily Nation , 10 of the recruits who were seriously wounded were rushed to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.





This isn’t the first stamped that has resulted in bloodshed. Recall a similar incident which happened in April, 2015 that saw the death of a university student as he made an effort to escape to safety in fear of a terror attack?

That incident also led to stampede after a gunshot-like explosions from a power cable sounded, injuring over 150 students of the University of Nairobi campus in Kikuyu badly.

Terror scares have in the past caused severe injuries and even deaths to many. No need to blame anybody in particular for this, having in mind that many Kenyans live in fear of horrid Al Shabaab militants who are determined to spew trouble in the country.

Should NYS Recruits Be Blamed For Running Without Facts?

Knowing that the recent Gilgil incident only came 10 days after the terrorists attacked a Kenyan military camp in El Adde, Somalia and killed a number of soldiers, the recruits might be thinking that more attacks are underway. To avoid a similar event in future, we just have to run with care so as not to end up trapped under the foot of others running for their lives.

You should not start running carelessly without being sure you are at risk. And if you must run, take care and don’t get yourself impaired for normal explosions.

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Images: Daily Nation