Perfect Cover! NYS Scandal Suspect Received Over 300 Million But Maintained Minimum Wage Job

The National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee on Thursday questioned an NYS scandal suspect who received more than KSh 300 million but continued to work as driver.

The NYS suspect, John Kago, held his job as a driver for KCB earning KSh 15,000 per month after gaining almost half of the looted NYS fund.

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He said:

“I am a driver at KCB, but I am on suspension and on half salary due to the NYS scandal in which my name has been mentioned.”

According to a special audit carried out by the Auditor-General, Mr. Kago received KSh 346 million from Josephine Kabura and Ben Gethi.

It is alleged he used this money to float his car-hire business which boasts of a few luxury cars including a Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and Fielder and a Mercedes Benz.

Mr. Kago denied the allegations in front of the committee only admitting to receiving KSh 60 million from Ms. Kabura as a loan.

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He also denied ever having met Mr. Gethi, despite allegations that he used part of the money from the businessman to buy property for his mother, Charity Wangui.

On questions regarding how a loan of KSh 60 million was given with just a written agreement and without a borrower’s signature, Mr. Kago said the loanee was a friend who he had known for a couple of years.

The suspect looked to be getting frustrated with proceedings as he started accusing detectives providing evidence against him of conspiracy.

The committee chair, Nicholas Gumbo, directed the NYS scandal suspect to provide his bank statements dating back to 2013 to establish whether he had indeed received the sum from the key suspects.

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The committee also demanded details of all his properties and vehicles asking him to surrender everything to the Assets Recovery Agency because it was bought with proceeds of crime.