NYT Leaks Uncensored Video From Donald Trump’s Rallies – You Need To Listen To The Voices

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may have succeeded in amassing robust supporters as well as alleging that he is not a racist or possess a racist bone in his body.

But a video by New York Times showing a list of some of the most conspicuously racist things associated with him puts a big question mark on his claim to the contrary.

Politics can at its best be inspiring. However, a lot of people who attend Mr. Trump’s  campaign are being inspired to express themselves in hateful, coarse, profane, obscene or just plain nasty ways.

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Though it is not surprising that those kind of bigotry dominate Trump’s campaign, the aftermath of such comments is horrifying and numbing.

In the video that was published on Wednesday,  it could be right to say that heavy derogatory and disparaging behaviors are mainstay at Donald Trump’s rallies.

In the background of the footage, chants like “Build a wall! Kill them all!” and calls for Trump to “kill her” or “Trump that bitch,” making clear references to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton could be heard. Attendees wearing shirts reading “fuck Islam” were also captured.

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The compilation also includes footage of the endemic violence at Trump rallies, usually directed at protesters being thrown out. Also, slanderous statements like “nigger” and “fag”, which are ostensibly everyday comment in the rallies.

Overall, the video shows the hate Trump’s campaigns generate in the US.

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And by it, Americans have not only Trump’s rhetoric – full of inconsiderate attacks on women, minorities, the disabled and others — to worry about, but also his many supporters who apparently have less regard for simple decency.

You Can Watch The Documentary Below: