Free and Fair Elections

President Barrack Obama had a telephone conversation with President Uhuru Kenyatta to emphasize the need for peaceful, free and fair elections.

The White House revealed in a statement that the two leaders spoke amid the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

Issues of mutual importance during this week’s UN General Assembly meetings in New York were discussed to strengthen U.S.-Kenya bilateral relationship.

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The statement by the White House added that President Obama “reiterated the international community’s appreciation” and commended Kenya’s efforts of hosting Somali refugees and particularly ”Kenya’s forthcoming commitments to improve, among others things, refugee access to education in Kenya”.

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President Obama also fully expressed United States’ interest in continuing to partner with Kenya in order to ”deliver a lasting defeat” to the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab in Somalia.

President Kenyatta on his part expressed support for the objectives of this week’s UN refugee summit and the US-Africa Business Forum.

Climate change and ”the importance of securing the entry into force of the Paris Agreement” was also discussed according to the White House.

Regional issues like the South Sudan crisis has prohibited the President Kenyatta to attend this years UN General Assembly.

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Deputy President William Ruto along with other Cabinet Secretaries are representing the Kenyan president.

The Deputy President expressed Kenya’s concerns at the failure of the international community to meet its obligations over refugees hosted in the country.

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The international community had pledged $500 million to help with the burden of the refugees of which just one percent has been given to Kenya.