Obama Family Disown Malik

US President Barrack Obama family disown Malik, his half-brother, over his stance on American politics.

Family spokesperson Nicholas Rajulu said on Thursday that Malik Obama’s decision to support Donald Trump was against the will of the family.

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The former civic leader dismissed Malik as “a loose talker and an attention seeker”.

Mr. Rajula said:

“He is just seeking the attention of the international community and the media. We disown him because what he is saying does not reflect the feeling and aspirations of Kogelo village.”

Leaders from Nyangoma Kogelo village in Siaya County where the Obama’s are from, have also accused Malik of embarrassing the family through unfortunate and self-seeking statements.

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Mr. Malik has widely criticized his half-brother’s eight-year-rule of United States, condemning his policies while blaming him for the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Obama Family Disown Malik

He traveled to the US at the invitation of Donald Trump to attend the final presidential debate before America decides its next president on November 8.

The Obama family and supporters have however thrown their weight behind Democrat Hillary Clinton in the upcoming polls.

The family also vowed to campaign against Malik who aims to be elected as Siaya governor in the 2017 general elections.

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Rajulu also said:

”He has opposed development brought by Barack in the region,” 

”How sure are we that he will listen to us if he becomes governor? Even if he is contesting for MCA, we will not vote for him until he changes his attitude.”

The community in Kogelo say the region has benefitted from the US President’s support since elected and that Malik’s attack is just a campaign strategy.