Obama presidential center

The Obamas’ have revealed the first images of the Obama Presidential Center on Wednesday in an event where the former U.S. president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle attended in Chicago.

According to Obama.org, the Obama presidential center project is to be completed by 2021 and will be located in the Jackson Park neighborhood of Chicago’s Southside and it will include three buildings — a museum, forum and library that surround a public plaza.

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During the event, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s one-time chief of staff, introduced the former president and credited him for remaining close to his Chicago ties.

“President Obama never lost touch with Chicago, his home, and Chicago never lost touch with President Obama.”

Obama presidential center

Mr. Obama while speaking at the event said that their goal  is to “create something for the future, something that looked forward, not backward.”

“It’s about hope. It’s about belief. It’s about a story that our kids tell themselves when they see a world-class institution in their community, populated by people who come from their community, then they have a sense of importance,” Obama said at the South Shore Cultural Center. “And that ultimately is what I want to give back because that’s what Chicago gave to me.”


The buildings will be made up of variegated stone with glass openings to allow for natural light and be certified at LEED v4 Platinum for resource efficiency and sustainability.

Obama Foundation Chair Marty Nesbitt reacted during the event saying:

“The Obamas want to create a safe, warm, inviting place that brings people in, teaches them something new, and inspires them to create change in their own communities; the Center will be a place for doing, not just looking or listening.”

The Obama Foundation also tweeted:

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Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama also tweeted:

“Excited by the potential of the Obama Pres. Center. Barack and I will continue to champion the issues close to our hearts, including girls ed.”

Architect Dina Griffin said the design called for creating just one tall building and having the others covered with landscaping.

She went further saying:

“We want to bring the parks to what they were, the architects have been working on the project, to be one of their most significant commissions, since they were appointed last June.”

The former first family has been engaged in so many activities since vacating the White House. Formally, Penguin random house announced the publication of the Obamas’ books.

However, there have been speculations of Obama returning to Politics soon. The Obamas’ are loved by many people around the world and with the recent development of Obama Presidential Center, the project will not only help Americans but specifically the people of Chicago because it will create more than 2000 jobs and also bring more people to Chicago.