Goodbye To The White House As Obama Hosts Final White House Party Friday

Obama’s final White House Party will be held for their close friends and major donors on Friday. We are hoping to see Obama’s dance moves for the last time in the White House

The outgoing president of the US Mr. Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle will be hosting their last white house party on Friday 6th January 2017.

Obama’s final White House Party is going to be a colourful one as many tourists will be seen at the white house on Friday. They are hosting the party for their close friends and major donors.

While Donald Trump struggles to assemble musicians willing to perform at his inauguration, Barack Obama is planning one final blow-out at the White House – and has A-list talent falling at his feet.

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The Obamas themselves confirmed during an interview with People Magazine last month that they’d have one final bash at the White House. The president told a young fan that they’d have a “grown up” party before packing their bags.

There’s no official announcement from the white house yet. Typically Obama’s administration knows how to keep a tight lid on event details till it gets to the eleventh hour.

There are so many dignitaries who will be in attendance at the Obama’s final White House party come Friday. Big names thought to be on the list have slowly been showing up around this week.

Obama's final white house party


According to reports, those who are said have been invited include singer Usher and actor Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King’s network CBS; actor Bradley Cooper…

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Beyonce, who sang at both of Obama’s inaugurations, and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, who has performed at the White House, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Star Wars director J.J. Abrams and director George Lucas also made the list.

Whatever party you’re at this Friday, rest assured it won’t be as fun as whatever’s going on behind closed doors of the White House.

We’ll be looking out for the tales of Obama’s dance moves and his sore feets as it will make the late-night talk show rounds.

The White House party will act as the kickoff of a goodbye tour of sorts for President Obama, who will head to Chicago to deliver a farewell address Jan. 10.