Oburu Oginga Slams Museveni, Tells Him Dictators Rule Until They Die

Following Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni controversial win in the country’s latest presidential election, nominated MP Oburu Oginga has accused him of turning elections in Uganda into a ritual.

He said the president, who has just extended his 30-year-rule, is being “drunk with power”.

Speaking on Mayienga FM on Friday, Oburu said:

Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely, that is what is happening with Museveni.

The Kenyan politician, Oburu, said Museveni is forcing himself on Ugandans, which is why he couldn’t allow a credible election.

He controls the electoral body and arrests his opponents arbitrarily just to cling on power. In Uganda, election is merely treated as a ritual every five years.

Oburu described Museveni as a dictator who should not be condoned by East African Community states.

Oburu said.

I hear he wants to be the leader of EAC, let him not try to bring such dictatorship to Kenya.

He said Ugandans need to be saved from Museveni’s 30-year “dictatorial rule.”

Since Museveni was declared winner of the February 18 polls with 60.5 percent of the vote – while his nearest rival Kizza Besigye took 35.3 percent – he has amassed several criticisms for himself.

The condemnations are being rained down basically by his major opposition, EU and other politicians especially ones from the neighbouring countries.

Nyong’ö Anyang had earlier stated that the Uganda’s election was badly rigged and blamed the incumbent president, who won once more to extend his 30-year-rule, for rigging the election severely.

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His notable contender, Kizza Besigye, who was under house arrest since the commencement of election and who had been arrested three-times during the last campaign, has also slammed the result.

Kizza warns the president that dictators around the world rule until they die or they are pushed out of power and do not have to disturb people with election news. He accuses the president as well as Uganda’s police force of rigging the election.

He says in democracy around the world, police do not have the right to touch ballot papers except in Uganda.

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He severely lashed out at the President Yoweri Museveni for spending billions of the country’s money to conduct an election only to publish his own result.

He urges the world to reject the election result and pleads for Ugandan’s minds to be truly reflected in the result.

In response to Kizza, whose party headquarters were stormed on Friday by police firing tear gas, Museveni said his opponent will not be allowed to disturb the peace of the country.

He spoke for the first time since his controversial win on Sunday, saying:

The opposition are not leaders, they are just demagogues, liars, just talking, talking. Besigye can not be allowed to disturb our peace 

Unlike besieged Besigye’s home, photos published by the government showed a relaxed Museveni wearing his usual farmer’s hat while walking with his long-horn cattle and chatting with their herders, wielding a stick.

His recent victory gives the 71-year-old the legal right to serve a fifth five-year term that will run till 2021.

Museveni has been in power since January 29, 1986, when he took over from Milton Obote. His 30-year rule is only six years lesser than Zimbabwean’s president 36-year-old leadership.

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