So I was sitting in my office listening to a recent mix – (SMOKED OUT V.2 BY DJ NAMOSKY #TEAMTURNTKE) just posted by Deejay Namosky on Soundcloud.

While I was bumping my head in a chilled out manner front and back, I looked up to the screen and I was swiftly distracted by the interview of Octopizzo on CNN.

Immediately I decided to search for the full video online, which motivated me to write this post.

Personally, even though I hardly understand what Octopizzo says in his music (due to the complicated Swahili he uses), I believe he is not just one of the realest artists available in Kenya today, but also one of the realest exports out of Kenya.

My Experience With Octopizzo


Fortunately, I had the privilege of working with Octopizzo under the HenryDerex Inc brand while in Nairobi. The partnership was to launch his L.D.P.C (Long Distance Paper Chaser) album on the 8th of August 2015, which was a total success.

During that time, I had the chance to sit-in at all important meetings, while we also visited various industry big names such as Deejay Stylez & The Kansoul; at Code Red Studio’s for an exclusive album sample, review, and event partnership.

I’ve worked with a lot of artists around the world, but I’ve got to say; Octopizzo was different. Contrary to what most people think, Octopizzo is one of the few humble Kenyan artists I’ve ever worked with. This guy knows what he wants and he goes head-on to achieve it!

Apart from music he is actively involved in partnerships with key international organizations such as; the UN and various international Embassies. His goal to get the Kenyan music industry exposed to the world at large is evident through his choice of language, collaborations, and productions.

Octopizzo As A Symbol Of Hope To Many


For someone who had nothing (born in one of the largest slums in the world – Kibera), but worked hard to turn it all into something, Octopizzo is a symbol of hope to those around him and those limited by their environment. His name is widely seen on Matatus (Kenyan public buses) all over Kenya and the love for him on the street is nothing but real.


Regardless of the limitations and difficulties around him, Octopizzo sees the best in everything, turning them into opportunities. For example, he sees Kibera as a blessed land. While others see mud and disaster when it rains, he sees and imagines himself walking on chocolate, not mud. While others see trash, he sees business opportunities and scarce resources.

Octopizzo is so proud of Kibera where he grew up, that his dream has always been to make it cool; so as to make those within proud of their roots, with the aim to get the best out of it rather than run away from it.

Octopizzo’s Earlier Days In Kibera


During his earlier days in Kibera, life was hard for Octopizzo. He would only have three meals on Sundays, due to the financial setbacks they faced. In his own words; “Mondays to Saturdays were the worst days”. As expected from an African mom trying to do everything for her family, his mom was a strict mom and would give them the beating of their life when they did anything wrong.

Unfortunately, Octopizzo lost his parents at the early age of 15, and from there on, he had to learn to be the man he needed to be. It was always tough love for Octopizzo growing up.

For Contact details and more on Octopizzo, visit his website at: www.octopizzo.com