Raila Odinga Condemns Withdrawal Of Troops From South Sudan, Faults President Kenyatta

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to withdraw troops from South Sudan.

In the Friday televised press conference, Raila said that the President made the decision out of anger and without proper consultation.

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”These actions by the President are ill-advised. It is not clear whether he was acting on advice of the National Security Council or on his own, driven by anger,” Raila said.

”In this action, we see the President who has been displaying strange acts of rage and anger locally, taking this to the global stage, making decisions based on anger and emotion to the possible grave damage to Kenya.”

President Kenyatta had ordered the withdrawal of Kenyan soldiers from the peacekeeping mission in South Sudan following the sacking of Lt-General Ondieki as head of the UN forces.

A UN Special Investigation report revealed that UN forces failed to protect civilians during a clash of forces loyal to the South Sudanese President and his sacked deputy in July.

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Withdrawing Troops

The former Prime Minister of Kenya added that the President’s decision was troubling, noting that on the surface, it will only look like Kenya is acting tough.

”These developments are greatly troubling as they point to a severe system failure and acts of unilateralism that endanger our constitution while at the same time undermine our global standing.”

”The manner in which the President has handled this particular incident and the unnecessary diplomatic row he is opening with the international community through the UN is regrettable.”

The first batch of troops arrived Kenya from South Sudan earlier this week with the remaining expected to arrive in the coming days.

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In defense of his decision to withdraw troops from South Sudan, President Uhuru said regional peace should not come at the expense of Kenya’s dignity, honour, and pride.