Raila Odinga Crowned Kalenjin Elder In Jubilee Stronghold

ODM leader Raila Odinga was on Tuesday crowned an elder by the Kalenjin community and given blessings to run for president in next year’s poll.

Odinga visited the Jubilee stronghold where Deputy President William Ruto hails from, to hold campaigns for his bid to lead the country.

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He visited Meibeki Karona trading center in Uasin Gichu county and later went to Tot in Kerio Valley to address peace rallies following cases of robberies that have left several dead.

Raila urged his supporters and the Kalenjin community as a whole to help him unseat the Jubilee Party by supporting his bid to be president.

He said the Jubilee-run government had not delivered on the promises it made to all Kenyans including Kalenjins, mentioning the 10,000 km of roads promised in all parts of the country.

He went on to bang the drum about the government being neck deep in corruption as most Kenyans live in abject poverty.

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Raila told the crowd:

”They have stolen left, right and center through National Youth Service projects, the Eurobond and other scandals,” he said.

”They are yet to tell us where Eurobond money disappeared to along with other shares of public funds.”

”Support me next year… I am capable of streamlining things in this country. I need you to help me remove Jubilee from power in 2017,” 

Raila Odinga addressed the 2013 campaign claim by DP Ruto, who had said Raila was responsible for the ICC crimes against humanity charge against him.

The claim was widely talked about in the Kalenjin region during that campaign, therefore, making it a notable point to address.

He denied having ”fixed” Ruto, saying there was no way he could have betrayed Ruto over the 2007/2008 post-election violence because they were both in ODM.

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In regards to Ruto being able to succeed President Kenyatta in 2022 through Jubilee, the ODM leader along with the party’s national chairman, John Mbadi told the Kalenjin community he had no chance.

”They have already placed many obstacles on his way. The only way he can succeed is if he works with Raila ahead of 2022,” Mbadi said urging Kalenjin elders to speak with the DP.