Registering Foreign Voters

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy leader Raila Odinga recently claimed that the NIS is registering foreign voters neighboring countries.

The former Prime Minister made this claim in a statement released, saying that the NIS were registering foreign voters from Uganda and Ethiopia to rig the General Elections.

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His statement said:

“We have credible information that the National Intelligence Service is once again heavily involved in the on-going voter registration with the aim of influencing results in August in the same way it did in 2007 and 2013.

”NIS interference in the current voter registration involves taking BVR kits across our borders into Uganda and Ethiopia and assisting citizens of the two countries to register in a Kenyan election process. The agency is also assisting citizens of these neighboring countries to acquire Kenyan identification documents then helping them cross into Kenya and register as voters.”

Mr. Odinga went on to allege that the NIS was registering youths as voters with data collected through the National Youth Service scheme.

”This NIS-driven process is responsible for the multiple registrations, shared identity cards and many cases of people who are captured as registered when indeed they had never done so.” he said.

He pointed out that in 2013, NIS officers were absorbed into the ranks of the IEBC as polling clerks and other strategic positions with the aim of interfering with the process. He also said that NIS was in 2007 deeply involved in ballot stuffing among other irregularities to guarantee PNU’s victory.

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Raila went on to call the alleged actions of NIS a ”betrayal of public trust”. He demanded that the intelligence agency operates as a ”politically non-partisan and independent institution” whose duty is to safeguard the electoral processes integrity.

Hear him:

”We wish to make it clear to the Director-General of the NIS Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru and the entire leadership of the agency that this country will never accept another NIS-led electoral theft. NIS will break down this nation and send it to the dogs, if it continues on this path of seeking to influence election results by way of fraud.”