Ababu Namwamba Finally Says He Will Ditch Cord For Poor Treatment

ODM Ababu Namwamba has declared his driving plans to deflect from ODM party, expressing his dissatisfaction for reoccurring poor treatment, which he says, trickles down from the top of the party to its low-level.

The MP said the party is rooted in partial treatment starting from the party’s top brass, Raila Odinga and the Suba MP John Mbadi, who is also the chairman.

Some sources with knowledge of the incident said that Ababu Namwamba and a collective of 8 ODM MP’s from Western Kenya are thinking of ditching the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) because of unfair treatment from the their leaders.

The ODM secretary-general received the backings of the 8 ODM MPs from western Kenya who also feel ‘unimportant and unwanted’ in the main opposition party.

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This comes a few weeks after the ODM secretary-general conspicuously skipped major party events including the anti-IEBC protests

Namwamba has served ODM as the party’s secretary-general though his tenure has been bogged down with alleged shortcomings in recent months. This probably has dragged him to the cliff-face, leading to his speculated exist.

ODM Ababu Namwamba had also ‘no-showed’ several events of the party in the past couple of months, sparking rumour that he had withdrawn his previous promise and allegiance to his coalition.

Namwamba is said to be scrabbling to represent the party he once vowed to stand by.

Raphael Otaalo (Lurambi) John Waluke (Sirisia), Andayi Angola (Khwisero), Geoffrey Odanga (Matayos) and Wilbur Ottichilo (Emuhaya) were among the leaders who were present at a press conference in parliament on Tuesday, June 21 that aired their disappointments for being treated less than expected in their party’s major projects.

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A statement from the leaders, as quoted by The Nation, goes:

“We are not happy at all that the party leadership has no respect for us as elected leaders in the region. The party leader as well as the national chairman have been conducting activities in the region without involving us at all,”

The MP’s also accused ODM of the plan to push ODM Ababu Namwamba out of office while hinting at the infamous botched ODM elections at the Kasarani Indoor Arena in February, 2014.

In an obvious fierce determination, ODM Ababu Namwamba vowed to support and uphold the ideals of ODM and its party leader, Raila Odinga, after the 2007 General Election.

ODM Ababu Namwamba said about how he is being treated in cord

But the burning desire has visibly being replaced by a faint glint when compared to his predecessor and the current Kisumu Senator, Anyan’g Nyong’, who was very vocal about his support for the party and its leaders while he was serving as the secretary general.

Namwaba defended his sudden absence in his party’s political events including the most recent involving electoral commission, quoting pressing family engagements.

However, Francis Atwoli slammed his display of love to his family describing it as a ‘bad show off’ for given that the party was faced with a pressing matter; IEBC. The Cotu leader railed at some Western leaders for contributing so little in major national issues like the IEBC crisis.

This was after the politician who had gone for a paternity leave after he and wife welcome their third baby shared some photos of admirable family time online.

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Jakoyo Midiwo the Gem member of Parliament, Raila Odinga’s cousin slammed Namwamba (Budalangi), claiming he was teaming up with Uhuru for working too closely to President Uhuru Kenyatta even though he belonged to the opposition.

In fact, Namwamba’s political trouble began last year when Midowo accused him of working as a spy for the Jubilee coalition against ODM.