Museveni Visit

ODM MPs have given a term to the Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s visit to Kenya, saying the tour is a “slight” against the general public. The MPs also told the Uganda’s president not to step into Kenya.

This warning came a few hours before the Uganda’s president landed safely into Kenya.

According to the party’s secretary for political affairs Opiyo Wandayi statement to The Star, Museveni will be treated as an unwanted visitor if he does not stay in his lane with his ill-manners.

Warning him ahead of time not to bother coming into “our soil”, the secretary notes that the Ugandan president may be forced to face a citizen arrest, if he dares enter the boundaries of Kenya.

Revealing his main annoyance, Wandayi said Uhuru can not welcome Museveni without making the Migingo Island constantly-growing issue the major focus of their discussion

A President who cannot defend the territorial integrity of his country has no business remaining in office, Wandayi said.

The secretary noted that Museveni’s visit makes it appear like the Jubilee administration sold off the disputing Island in peace to the Uganda in the “newest version of the regime’s rent-seeking bonanza.”

He urged the president to reveal to the nation the enormous amount of the hard-bitten transaction that had transpired between two of them which he has been hiding from Kenyans.

Wandayi added that his coalition is ready to make full refund in cash to Museveni no matter what he may have paid. He hinted that his party is ready to make any sacrifices that will restore the country’s power and respect in which the island’s people believe in.

The secretary criticized President Uhuru, insisting he has not met his basic duty as a president and should have resigned yesterday. Announcing his second reason for suggesting that Uganda’s president should not be welcomed, the secretary noted that Museveni presidency is questionable considering the huge irregularities that marred his country’s election.

Museveni is in Kenya to have talks with president Uhuru concerning the route of an oil-pipeline created to boost crude oil from the oilfields of Hoima to the Port of Lamu through Kenya’s own oilfields at Lokichar.

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Other notable people including Uganda’s oil producers, Irish company Tullow Oil, French company Total and China’s CNOC also graced the meeting in the State House. Official presidential Twitter accounts have been posting pictures of visiting heads of state being welcomed. There is some controversy as Uganda has also been talking about a possible pipeline going through Tanzania.

Meanwhile Twitter users in Kenya have some words of advice for the president. These are the ones that captured us the most, after president Uhuru Twitted below;



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