John Mbadi

National Assembly Minority leader John Mbadi was on Thursday morning thrown out of Parliament for not recognizing Uhuru Kenyatta as president.

Mbadi claimed that “there is no President in Kenya” while he contributed to a motion in parliament.

“Mr. Speaker this motion presupposes and anticipates that there will be some appointments from, the president. Mr. Speaker, the point is that there is no president in this country,” he said.

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Jeers and catcalls immediately erupted for the Jubilee Party-aligned Member of Parliament, disrupting House proceedings.

Speaker Justin Muturi reacted to the statement by calling on the Suba South MP to either withdraw the statement or leave the chambers.

“Honourable John Mbadi, I cannot engage in a discourse with you. You must withdraw your statement that there is no President in Kenya or withdraw from the chamber,” ordered Speaker Muturi.

Muturi used standing order 107 (2a) to order him to withdraw his remarks.

The order states that; “unparliamentary language means the use of words which, in the opinion of the person presiding, are deemed to be impolite, rude, abusive or inconsistent with parliamentary procedure or practice.”

John Mbadi chose to leave.

“Mr. Speaker I would rather withdraw from the chamber than withdraw from my statement, There is no president in Kenya,” said the Orange Democratic Movement member.

There was further drama when the Speaker ordered Mbadi to leave immediately and not turn it into an occasion as tensions began to rise inside the Parliament.

“Honourable Mbadi this is not an occasion for shaking hands when you are ordered to withdraw from the chamber you are supposed to withdraw,” he said.

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The whole incident erupted as Parliament was expected to vote for the nine nominees to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

It is also expected to constitute the committee on appointments which will vet cabinet secretaries once President Kenyatta unveils his second term line up before it adjourns and goes for recess.