ODM Calls On Police IG, Others To Resign Over Lawyer’s Murder

ODM has slammed Police Death Squad, calling for immediate resignation of Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett, Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro and Cabinet Secretary in charge Gen. Joseph Nkaissery.

In a statement on Monday, the party said the two would have been kicked home had Kenya been among societies where citizens hold public officers accountable.

Citing a police officer who was given a 15-year sentence for shooting a university student in Ghana during demos in 2014, ODM calls for action on all acts of police brutality.

It also alleged that there is a death squad within the national police which is being used to settle both political and economic scores. They added that this conclusion is their understanding of the source of the unresolved death of Mr. Jacob Juma.

The opposition party added that it is convinced the police is not interested in bringing the killers to justice, while also hinting that the police are culpable in most of the murders. The statement says:

“We are not surprised that Mr. Josephat Mwenda, in seeking justice, ended up being a victim of injustice. This is what we’ve been referring to as ‘THE RETURN OF THE DARK PAST.”

The party also said it is concerned about the silence of the top Jubilee leadership, especially the President, on the current assassinations by police death squad.

The party’s statement reads:

“Kenyans need an assurance that they are not on their own. Only those who currently hold the instrument of power can give that assurance. These are the rare instances when the President needs to address the nation. We have a national crisis; it is time the President declares extra-judicial killings a national disaster”.

Meanwhile the police officers linked to the death of lawyer Willie Kimani and two others will remain in police custody for 14 days pending investigations. Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Chebulet and Silvia Wanjiku were arraigned in Milimani Law courts on Monday.

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The Director of Public Prosecutions told the court that the matter is highly complicated and needs maximum time for a painstaking investigation.

The lawyer of the officers who are allegedly part of the police death squad, Cliff Ombeta, has accused Ipoa of interfering with the investigations.


Also, DPP told the court that police are doing everything they can to arrest other suspects who are still at large.

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Kimani, 32, and his client Josephat Mwenda, a boda boda operator, had filed a complaint reporting that Mwenda was brutalized by the police in April. As a revenge, the accused officer said Mwenda committed a range of offences, including possessing drugs, gambling in public and resisting arrest, according to human rights activists.

The two men, toogether with a taxi driver – Joseph Muiruri – varnished after a court session at Mavoko law courts on June 23. Days later their bodies were found floating in the Oldonyo Sabuk River.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said on Thursday that there was “credible evidence the men were, at some point, in the custody of Administration Police, and may be victims of an enforced disappearance”.

cord slams police death squad over lawyer's murder

Additionally, Law Society of Kenya (LSK) claims police accuse police of abducting at least five people in the last month alone.

They say the disappearance of the men were suspicious, calling on the government to look into that and other allegations of police corruption and heavy-handed tactics.

They urge the government to investigate the disappearance of Erickson Aluda Mambo and Brian Nzenze who, they said, were last seen being escorted to Kawangare Chief’s Camp on June 1, 2016.

LSK claims it has been receiving reports from the public on the disappearances of Kenyans who was last seen at the hands of police. But police denied his claims, saying all the cases were being investigated and also urged the public for some patience.

Okero demanded an explanation from police on what is happening in regard to the missing persons. ”

We demand to know what the IG and Ipoa are doing about this. We remind the IG that over one year has passed since the LSK wrote to him asking to know where investigations into the disappearance of Advocate Albert Muriuki had reached. Advocate Albert Muriuki disappeared on December 30, 2013.

Inspector General of Police (IG) Joseph Boinnet denied existence of police death squad, saying:

“All the cases of missing persons are being investigated. The investigations are at various stages and action will be taken on those responsible,” Mr Boinnet said the cases cannot be used to justify claims that police are responsible for extra-judicial killings. We are a law abiding service and whoever is found (culpable) will be dealt with. In any society there are rogue elements and the law always catches up with them,”.