ODM Is Set To Covey Old And Disabled People To Voter Reg. Centres.

Bondo ODM leaders are going to make sure the disabled as well as elderly locals are transported to voter registration centres to be endorsed for voting in next year election. This is a way of getting everybody to participate in the forthcoming election as the party has been urging the public.

Bondo authorities revealed they are bent on ensuring that its locals vote in the people’s most desired leader in 2017 general election, says Vice Secretary Onyango Ralwala.

In a press conference in his office, Ralwala told the press on Friday that party leaders in the region have created a group that will convey disabled and old locals to participate in the exercise.

He added that bosses at different polling stations will have to note down the names of those who have not registered and get them to register before the end of the registration process.

The process which in the words of Electoral and Boundaries Commission will start out on Monday (February 15) is bound to end on March 15.

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Promising to cater to the incapacitated locals, Ralwala begged every healthy eligible voters to take part in the nearing election by getting registered.

South Sakwa MCA aspirant Gondi Olima hinted other people who are aspirants like him back the party’s mobilisation scheme.

Gondi pleaded with fishermen and boda boda operators to get their minds set on time for the registration and to do so as quickly as they can to keep last-minute rushes at a bay.

Since Kenya’s 2017 election made headlines, CORD leader Raila has assured his supporters of doing everything within his limit to ensure the elections come out free and fair.

He also promised to get eligible voter involved in the exercise as he plans to set a digital tallying system to aid the whole process – a system that made him pledge to his supporters never to whine about election rig again.

No doubt this mobilization plan is the party’s first stepping the race to be in charge of State House in 2017.

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