Olympian Auctions Rio Medal To Save Cancer-Battling 3 Year Old

Every once in a while we are reminded that kindness could come in packages of all shapes and sizes. Especially right now, as we see this Olympian auction off Rio medal to save a total stranger.

Piotr Malachowski, a Polish discus thrower and silver medalist at the just concluded Rio Olympics games has offered to auction off something really precious to him for a good cause.

When Piotr returned home, a woman wrote to him for help about her 3 year old son, Olek Szymanski, who is suffering from a rare form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma.

Olympian Auctions Rio Medal

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Olek’s mother said that the only option left was to take her son to a top ophthalmologist in New York with which she desperately needed $126,000 to cover the treatment.

The 33 year old Olympian decided to intervene by auctioning off his silver medal online writing that fate has given him a chance to increase the value of his “Silver”.

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He announced the auction on his Facebook page saying:

“In Rio, I fought for the gold. Today I appeal to everyone – let’s fight together about something that is even more precious. The Health of this fantastic boy. You are all invited to the auction. If you help me, my silver can be more precious than gold for Olek.”

Olympian Auctions Rio Medal

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A Polish foundation called Siepomaga helped raise a third of the amount needed for Olek’s treatment.

Malachowski has taken down the auction page announcing that his medal has found a new home with reports from ESPN suggesting billionaires Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk are the new owners of the medal.