Opposition Lawyers’ Offices Broken Into After Filing Case Disputing Uganda Polls’ Result

After Uganda’s electoral commission named incumbent President Yoweri Museveni the winner in Thursday’s election, defeated Ugandan presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi disputed the result and headed to court within the stipulated 10 days.

The main opposition party had rejected the results as fraudulent, but since the main opposition candidate Kizza Bisigye is still under detention, Amama Mbabazi saved the situation for him by filing a case within the time given.

Mbabazi won the third spot in the presidential poll on February 18 – falling behind Museveni and main opposition candidate Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Mbabazi filed a case against the incumbent president, with evidence to show Ugandans and poll observers that the election was rigged in favor of Museveni.

Mbabazi’s lawyers claim their offices were then attacked by unknown persons on Wednesday, who stole computers and documents, including signed affidavits by witnesses to proof electoral fraud.

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This, they said, has hindered their chances of getting the election result annulled. His lawyers also say they were in the process of gathering witness evidence for the petition against the election result when their offices were broken into, their reason for which Mbabazi was unable to file evidence with the Supreme Court by Wednesday’s deadline

Considering the incident occurred days before they are due to present proof in the Supreme Court to challenge the election results.

The ex prime minister accused Ugandan security forces, citing that four person who saw the burglars said they were men in uniform. According to Mbabazi,

It was police in uniform, police in civilian clothing, and the military as well.

Besides the allegation that policemen robbed the evidence of fraud in February’s elections, won by President Yoweri Museveni, the force were also accused of electoral injustices and scam.

Local and international observers rejected the electoral process, saying the election was obstructed by violence, with at least one of Besigye’s supporters being murdered in clashes with security forces.

Social media sites were blocked in Uganda on the day of election, which the government justified with several security excuses.  Also, due to late delivery of ballot papers, voters were not able to vote on time.

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Mr Museveni gathered 60% of the entire vote. Former Ugandan Prime Minister Amma Mbabazi has visited the burgled offices of lawyers representing him in a court case to challenge President Museveni’s victory in last month’s election.

Main opposition Besigye, was arrested the same day and has been under house arrest.  He tried to hold a news conference Friday, but remains under house arrest

A local journalist tweets from Uganda’s capital, Kampala;