Uganda’s Besigye Faces Court Charges After He Drove To Centre Of Capital

Uganda police have charged opposition leader Kizza Besigye with conducting an illegal procession after he moved about in the country’s capital.

According to the spokesperson for the police in the capital, Kampala, opposition leader, Kizza Besigye disobeyed orders not to drive through the centre of the city after he was permitted to attend a prayer meeting at his party’s headquarters.

Uganda’s main opposition, whose son is contesting for the president of a debate club in the UK, and who had been under house arrest up until the end of last week, was given permission to travel to his party’s headquarters to attend a prayer meeting on condition that he did not disrupt business in Kampala.

But Mr Besigye had explored beyond the restricted zone, leading to thousands mobbing his car.

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It was alleged that as he was travelling to the party HQ, supporters surrounded his car and tried to follow him to the city centre. The police then blocked his vehicle, towed it away and detained him at a police station near Kampala.

The Uganda opposition leader was ‘held at police station’ before police charged for his offence.

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While he was held at a police station in the city’s Mukono district, the police blocked the entrance to the station and did not let the press in. Police have always bundled away Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye in a very harsh manner whenever he tried to leave his house, when he was still under house arrest.

Mr. Kizza Besigye has been under house arrest since the election day. Kizza Besigye had dismissed the result of Thursday’s elections in which President Yoweri Museveni won a fifth term in office – extending his 30-year-rule.

Throughout the period of his house arrest which just ended days ago from Feburary, police gave the opposition leader the permission only to go to Church service. But restricted his travel to a dedicated location.

European Union and Commonwealth observers slammed the electoral process of the country in the last elections and doubts it adhered to the democratic principles during the polls.

EU also castigated the election, saying that it was marred, but the long-serving president insisted that he won.

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