Opposition Leader Raila Reveals He Has Been Offered Bribes

In an interview with Al Jazeera a month ago, opposition leader Raila Odinga revealed he has given bribes to recieve adequate service in the past, but when offered bribes by members of the public, he had always given a thumbs down.

Also, opposition leader Raila Odinga said the bribes were offered to him when he was serving as the prime minister of Kenya, but he stressed that he shook his head against them. Speaking in an exclusive interview aired on the night of Friday, May 6 by Al Jazeera, the CORD co-principal explained that at one time he fell victim of the growing levels of corruption in the country, which range across offering bribes, to looting of massive public fund. Raila added that every Kenyan including himself has had to pay bribe to obtain their desired services.

An excerpt from the interview:

“Have you ever had to pay a bribe as a Kenyan to get something done?”

To the question, Raila answered.

“The question is when, is not if, because as you have already said every Kenyan… not as a prime minister.

On being offered bribes he said:

“Of course I have been offered bribes many times and each time I have resisted being bribed.”

The interview was done when the ODM leader toured London last month, which was after he appeared on France 24.

Opposition leader Raila
Raila Odinga on France 24

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When he appeared on France 24, during a trip to France, Riala made derisive remarks about the termination of International Criminal Court case against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang. He expressed worry over the prospect of post-election violence in next year’s general election.

It is safe to say that Raila’s remarks itched the leaders of the ruling party on many wrong spots, leading to many verbal attacks on the opposition leader. Most of the reactions insinuated that opposition leader Raila Odinga would have been happy to see the two jailed by the court.

The former minister however struck back at the ruling coalition by claiming they were dancing on the graves of the post-election violence victims when they held a prayer rally at the Afraha stadium in Nakuru.

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Evident to the rising corruption in the country, a report by PriceWaterHouseCoopers ranked Kenya as the third most corrupt country in the world. Corruption scandals have rocked the Jubilee administration since it took over the country’s State House in 2013 of which the most popular are the NYS and the Eurobond scandals.

The NYS scandal saw KSh791 embezelled by top officials in the Devolution ministry, a scandal which pushed former Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru to resign after she was accused of masterminding the looting. Waiguru has hinted that she never had anything to do with the misappropration of the fund, although investigations are still ongoing.

On the Eurobond scandal, the government has been accused of looting the proceeds from the Eurobond which it cannot account for. In both scandals, opposition leader Raila Odinga has been the whistleblower, digging out the matter each time it looks like it has been forgotten.