What Osama Bin Laden’s Son Has Vowed To Do To United States For Killing His Dad

Osama bin Laden’s son has vowed to wreak revenge on America for killing his father.

Hamza bin Laden took to social media to share a 21-minute rant, where he vows to carry on the global militant group’s fight against their enemies around the world.

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In the 21 minute video footage released by Al-Qaeda on twitter, the 25 year old Osama bin Laden’s son also roped in the US,  swearing to pay them back for the assassination of his dad.

The young lad added that the United States will be targeted in terror attacks similar to 9/11 and that they cannot elude it.

Osama Bin Laden's son

According to his statement:

We are all Osama. We will continue striking you and targeting you in your country and abroad in response to your oppression of the people, and the rest of the Muslim lands that did not survive your oppression. As for the revenge by the Islamic nation for Sheikh Osama, may Allah have mercy on him, it is not revenge for Osama the person but it is revenge for those who defended Islam’. 

The speech is entitled We Are All Osama, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.


The former al-Qaeda leader had been the world’s most wanted terrorist since he masterminded the 9/11 terror attacks on America in 2001.

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He was traced down to a compound in Abbottobad, Pakistan, and killed on May 2 2011 in a raid by US special forces. He was the founder and head of the Islamist group Al-Qaeda

Video Of Osama’s Killing

US carried out an intelligent raid Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The raid was launched from Afghanistan. The U.S. military officials said that after the raid, U.S. forces took bin Laden’s body to Afghanistan for identification, then buried him at sea within 24 hours of his death in accordance with Islamic tradition.

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Hamza, now in his mid-20s, was at his father’s side in Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks and spent time with him in Pakistan after the US-led invasion pushed much of Al Qaeda’s senior leadership there, according to the Brookings Institution.