oscar awards 2017

The 89th Oscar Awards 2017 has come and gone, serving us with surprising but well-deserved victories.

The award show took a step back from previous themes of other award shows which gave honorees and presenters a chance to voice their white-hot anger towards President Trump’s policies including his travel ban and his plan to build a wall at the border with Mexico.

The academy put on a show that only Hollywood knew how to do, which was to entertain. The Oscars made everybody forget about everything political as the red carpet rolled out and the glitz and glamor of the night unfolded as candy and snacks were attached to parachutes dropping out of the ceiling.

There was so much levity all through the night with jokes flying from host Jimmy Kimmel although the most infamous one was when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway named ‘La La Land’ the winner for best picture when it was in fact ‘Moonlight’.

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Oscar awards 2017 – Complete list of winners

1. Best Actor: Casey Affleck ”Manchester by the Sea” Casey Affleck ''Manchester by the Sea''

2. Best Actress: Emma Stone ”La La Land” Best Actress Emma Stone1

3. Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali ”Moonlight” Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali2

4. Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis ”Fences” Best Supporting Actress Viola Davis

5. Best Animated Picture: ”Zootopia” zootopia

6. Best Animated Short: ”Piper” Best Animated Short

7. Best Cinematography: “La La Land” Best Cinematography

8. Best Costume Design: ”Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Best Costume Designer1

9. Best Direction: Damien Chazelle ”La La Land” Best Direction Damien Chazelle1

10. Best Documentary Feature: ”O.J. Made in America” Best Documentary Feature1

11. Best Documentary Short: ”The White Helmets”  Best short documentary1

12. Best Film Editing: ”Hacksaw Ridge” Best Film Editing

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