What Actually Led To Osewe Fatal Shooting Is Unbelievable

William Osewe, a billionaire got into a messy love triangle that led to a fatal shooting at his restaurateur on Thursday night.

William Osewe and his friend Tom Oywar Mboya had a long quarrel over Osewe’s wife Stella Mwende that led to a gun fight

The owner of the popular Ranalo K’Osewe eatery on Kimathi Street is at Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi struggling to live.

Those knowledgeable of the situation said that Osewe and Mboya, who are both Gor Mahia fans, engaged in verbal war when they met at Hagon fish restaurant near Rosters along Thika road.

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It was said that Osewe walked in and found the other man eating. Then began shouting at him, asking him what it is the man and his wife were planning.

In anger, Mboya brought out his Ceska pistol and threatened gun Osewe down. Osewe then dared him leading him to fire three bullets at once.

The customers who took cover on seeing Mboya pull a trigger rushed out to Osewe. It was found that he was shot twice in the abdomen and once on his leg.

One bullet exited his body and hit the leg of a watchman who did not know until he started bleeding.

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Osewe was soon rushed to a nearby AAR clinic and then taken in an ambulance to Aga Khan hospital in critical condition. Doctors, however, said one bullet may have hit Osewe’s spine and he risks becoming paralysed.

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Mboya had reported at Nairobi Area CID offices in 2014, that Osewe had accused him of having an affair with Mwende and threatened his life.

Osewe dated Mwende, a former banker, for some years when he was still running his first restaurant near Nairobi Railway Station.

He later took her as a second wife, and they got two children who are now adults.

Mboya, on the contrary, used to be a tour driver but now has his own company. He currently is married with seven children.

Mboya case with Osewe was closed  after the two parties settled the matter out of court through the help of family and friends.

Mboya reportedly went straight to Kasarani police station after the incident to the shooting and surrendered his gun.

Kasarani DCI chief Douglas Shikanda said investigating the whole incident including whether Mbonya’s gun was licenced.

It is alleged that police denied him a firearms license three times in the past.

Osewe’s restaurant along Kimathi Street is running as usual as not many have heard of the shooting.